who is podiatrist?

What Can a Podiatrist Do For Your Foot Pain?

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of human foot and ankle problems. Most of the podiatry practices are located in the United States. There are about 140 podiatry clinics located in the United States. They treat nearly 3 million patients annually.

Podiatrist examines and treats people

with foot and ankle ailments, disorders, deformities, injuries, and deformities that affect the feet and ankles. Some of the common procedures and treatments are overseen by podiatrists are ankle injury rehabilitation, flat foot diagnosis, bunionectomy, bursitis treatment, heel spurs treatment, toenail reduction, patellar arthroscopy, knee bursitis, metatarsal tunnel treatment, and Osgood Schlatter treatment. A podiatrist also treats nearly 82% of all patients with corns, calluses, and bursitis. Podiatrists’ diagnoses treat and provide advice about all medically related foot and ankle conditions.

A podiatrist

is also known as a sports medicine doctor. They examine and treat athletes and maintain the health of their feet while helping them make athletic progress and reduce pain. A podiatrist treats most of the conditions of the foot and ankle other than corns, bunions, plantar fasciitis, blisters, hammertoe, and tendinitis. A podiatrist generally makes diagnosis and treatment decisions concerning treatment based on the needs of the individual patient and their ability to function at a specific level of physical activity.

The most common service that a podiatrist provides

is shoe consultation. He or she inspects the feet and assesses the symptoms of painful conditions and determines the appropriate footwear to help alleviate those symptoms. Foot problems and the resulting discomfort cause many people to avoid sporting activities and stop using their favorite shoes. Foot care is a necessary part of a person’s daily life and a painful problem can prevent the enjoyment of daily activities.

Many people are unaware that podiatrist physicians

are trained as medical doctors and therefore are permitted to prescribe, treat and provide medication for their patients. Many podiatrists provide a wide range of services including diagnostic and imaging procedures, surgical treatments, and therapeutic measures for foot and ankle ailments. A podiatrist can diagnose and treat various foot and ankle disorders and illnesses including sprains, mallet toe, corns, hammertoes, and other disorders of the feet. Most practitioners are Board Certified Doctors and therefore participate in continuing education courses to keep themselves up to date on new medical knowledge and techniques. In addition, they generally have specialized training in one or more areas of medicine and are allowed to prescribe medications when needed.

Regular checkups with your local podiatrist

will ensure that you get optimal health. By taking care of minor foot and ankle problems early, you can help prevent larger issues. It is also a good idea to schedule yearly Podiatrist checkups to get a full checkup to monitor your general health and notice changes in your feet and ankles. If you are experiencing foot pain, see your podiatrist doctor right away to make sure that there is nothing medically wrong.

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