Utility and Energy Bill Validation

Utility and Energy Bill Validation

Utility and energy bills are paid on an installment basis and often the utilities and energy companies don’t always make themselves available to their customers. Customers call asking for information on their bill and the customer service representatives often don’t return their calls. This leaves the customer on hold for what seems like hours at a time. It’s frustrating and the customer may feel that they’re paying too much just to keep the representative away. With this in mind, customers have been calling around the country asking for a company that will perform a utility and energy bill validation.


Why would a company want to validate the bill? There are several reasons. Validation lets the customer know that the bill has been paid. Most bill payers require the customer to perform a bill validation when it comes time to pay.

This enables the customer to check the bill online and see what the value is. The bill payer also has access to verification of the bill and can easily dispute any inaccuracies that they notice. It also allows the bill payer to dispute any discrepancies with their bill with the appropriate authorities. Often customers who find errors in their bill payer’s website can use the validation to get their side’s taken care of without contacting their bill payer directly. Either way, the bill payer can find out whether or not to dispute the charges on their own, which may be the best way to avoid a fine from their bill payer’s department.


Even though most bill payers will provide the customer with validation, not all bill payers do. If the bill doesn’t come with a validation, the customer should look to their phone book to find a company that provides bill validation services. These companies will usually send out a letter to both the biller and the customer to validate the amount due for their utilities. Once the bill has been validated, the customer has the right to dispute the charges online, by mail, or in person.

Both the customer and the bill payer have rights when it comes to these types of matters. Both have the right to dispute the charges on their bill with the appropriate authorities. They also have the right to request that the penalties for late fees and interest charges to be reduced or removed. Usually the penalties will need to be paid before the account can be re-activated.


When a bill payer wants to review a customer’s account for accuracy, they will often request proof of the bill. Most sellers are honest, but some will try to make a case that they should receive more money than they actually do. In order to avoid this type of situation, a customer needs to know all of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to their utilities. Knowing your rights ensures you won’t be an inconvenience to your utilities and you will be able to get the amount you deserve when you are billed for late fees and overages.

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