Unique Japanese Weapon – The Katana

The Japanese weapon is known as the Katana. This is a composite of two katanas, the short sword and the double-bladed sword. Most samurai warriors carried two of these weapons when they went into battle. It was only after their death that they were allowed to keep one, so they could continue to fight until their dying days. In modern Japan, the tradition continues today as a sign of respect and dedication.

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When you go to the Samurai Museum in Tokyo, Japan, there are many displays for Samurai swords. At this museum you will find that the most well known type of Samurai Swords are those that feature a dragon or lion design. There are also replicas of authentic samurai swords that are much longer and are more ornate in appearance. They are also often decorated with tassels, making the weapon look even more deadly indeed.


The Katana has been considered a warrior’s weapon of choice for hundreds of years. samurai warriors would travel far and wide to defeat their enemies. They would go into enemy territory, lay their life on the line, and yet still remain calm and confident that they would win the day. In doing so, they showed the world that it does not matter what type of weapon you use as long as you are prepared to face your enemy and win. These brave soldiers learned more than just how to fight; they learned how to respect their enemies and learn to face their death head-on.

The Katana was no different from other early swords that the samurai used. The only difference was the shape. Early swords were primarily flat and did not have any “tanglement.” This meant that the blade could not deflect any way but back and forth when the warrior was using it. Because of this, the weapon was reserved for the use of the elite few Samurai warriors.


In spite of its importance, the Katana was not a common weapon. Samurai warriors would carry two handed weapons because they were more deadly than other weapons at the time. Two handed swords were much more accurate than their one-handed counterparts. The blade of the two handed sword was much more effective than a one handed sword, making it ideal for close combat. With the correct balance and angle, a two handed sword could take down an opponent’s sword with just a touch of the blade itself.

When Japanese began to carry two handed swords around as they moved from village to village, their unique style of fighting began to draw more attention. Samurai warriors learned how to fight with their swords and became a part of Japan’s history. Today, the Katana is part of a larger family of weapons called “Wakizashi,” (which means throwing swords). Even though the Katana has been adopted into western martial arts, it is still considered quite effective as a fighting weapon.

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