Tips on Proper Care of Your Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are an incredible convenience

In that they allow you to see in ways that plain glasses would never be able to give you. As wonderful and advantageous as contact lenses have become over the past decade, there are a few things that many people fail to remember when caring for their contacts. Proper care and maintenance are absolutely necessary for the health of your contact lenses, and by following some simple guidelines, you will find that your contact lenses are much more comfortable and easier to use than they’ve ever been before. Here are some tips on how to take care of your contact lenses and maintain your beautiful eyesight for years to come.

Always be sure to keep your daily disposable contact lenses clean and fresh at all times so you can use them when you need them, or when they are told not to be worn for a certain period of time. If you’re instructed not to wear contacts for any period of time, be sure that you wash your contacts thoroughly every day with disinfectant soap, and then store them in a clean jar. Alternatively, purchase a quality disposable lens cleaner and use it on a daily basis to ensure that your contacts are always clean and ready to go. Also, use goggles or eyewear when working around your eyes, to avoid irritation and scratching your cornea.

remove any residual hydrogen peroxide

Every morning, rinse your lenses thoroughly with either a solution made for contact cleaning (such as Ever-Pure or Purell) or with warm water. For the Ever-Pure solution, follow the directions provided; for the Purell solution, follow the directions on the bottle. After rinsing your lenses with the cleansing solution, allow them to dry completely before inserting them into your eyes. To remove any residual hydrogen peroxide, dab a clean cotton ball over your hands and wipe away excess solution. You may also gently rinse the lens material with cool, clean water, which should also remove any residual hydrogen peroxide.

After one day of using your new lenses each day, gently squeeze out a tablespoon of the recommended Hydrogen Peroxide solution and apply it to your eyelids; this will remove any old, loose, or rotten film that may have built up on your contact lenses over the past week or two. Be sure to do this carefully and not to rub the lens material. For this process to be effective, this solution must be applied uniformly. One very small drop of the solution will dilute the peroxide a great deal, so it’s important that you spread it evenly. Be sure to rinse your hands well with cold water afterwards and leave the area where the Hydrogen Peroxide was applied to dry.

contact lenses are becoming uncomfortable due to discomfort from the contact lenses

After ensuring that your eyes are completely dry, and the Hydrogen Peroxide has dried out, it is time to put your contact lenses back in your eyes. Again, be very careful and gentle; you do not want to poke yourself with the needle. Again, repeat the steps above and allow them to air dry. If they appear to be cracking, put a warm, damp cloth on them for a few moments and then gently shake them gently. If you discover that your contact lenses are becoming uncomfortable due to discomfort from the contact lenses, it is likely that you have either lost or misplaced them.

Taking care of your contact lenses is an easy task if you follow these basic steps. Following proper care instructions can ensure that your eyes stay healthy and free from infection for the entire life of the contacts. This process does not have to be complicated, and most people who take care of their eyes properly actually forget about it when it gets to the time to put the lenses back into their eyes. The majority of people who wear contact lenses need to repeat these steps once a year. This is because even though most people wash their hands well with soap and water on a daily basis, there are times when the hands get dirty and the contact lens’s residue becomes saturated into the eye causing eye irritations and even infections.

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