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the Understanding How They Help Your Business to Save Money

Business Utilities – Understanding How They Help Your Business to Save Money

As an entrepreneur or an up-and-coming business professional, you have to make sure that your business utilities aren’t costing you a bundle. If you’re planning to switch to a new office and are already scaling your company, then you should review all your previous monthly utility bills and rates. You can easily find information on the internet about how to do this, as there are many websites dedicated to the service. After you’ve reviewed your current bill and compared it to your estimated monthly consumption, you’ll know for sure if you need to re-plan your utilities. Here are some tips to help you know what to ask for when you approach your supplier.


When it comes to business utilities

the majority of companies charge per unit of energy used. Some providers charge by kilowatt. By using a rating system such as the Energy Factor (Eco), you can better gauge your electricity usage and compare it to the cost of your monthly bills. If your company consumes more electricity than required, its energy efficiency rating will be lower than those of its peers. This will indicate to your supplier that your company isn’t getting a good return on the amount of energy that it is consuming, and will consequently charge you less.


Business owners also have to take into consideration the effect

their business utilities have on their carbon footprint. Most utility companies today generate their electricity by burning fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. Although the carbon footprint affects not just the earth but also people directly, it is important to reduce the consumption of these types of resources. Some companies employ a waste team to go out and recycle the waste that they have generated as a way to save energy and money. Talk to your waste team to see if you can incorporate such practices into your own company so that you can both save energy and money.


The amount of electricity consumed by your business

may also affect the price of your electricity and utility bills. To improve your kWh per year, you should try to reduce your electricity consumption by at least 10%. Even if your company is not in the energy-efficient group, trying to conserve energy can make a difference in the overall efficiency rating of your business.


The actual average business size electricity consumption

may vary depending on the age of the facility and the number of computers in use. These factors are called load factors. These factors were calculated for the facilities in the Standard Assessment Practice (SAP) phase II of the EPC. Your service provider should be able to supply you with information on the average load factor for the area of your facility where you employ your staff.


To help you get an idea of how much energy your facility consumes

contact your supplier. You should know the value of the carbon footprint of the fuel that the facility uses. The actual amount of carbon emissions per ton of fuel used should be lower for medium to large businesses compared to small businesses. The value of the carbon footprint includes the effect on the environment and biodiversity caused by the use of fossil fuels. To have a better understanding of how your facility compares to the standards, contact your supplier for advice on the best solution to your problems.

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