the Energy Audit and Other Practices

Energy Audit and Other Practices

Energy Practices and Hidden Fees: two very important issues, discussed by Brad Jackson and Amy Porterfield in their new book, titled “The Energy Guru”. In this new eBook, they share their experience of uncovering secret Hollywood accounting practices. The authors provide a unique insider look at how celebrities like actors and actresses end up with outrageous energy practice bills at the end of the year. This often, but not always, means hidden fees that the actors are unaware of and refuse to pay.


When someone watches an ad for a particular home cleaning service

they generally expect that the services offered are relatively inexpensive, however, many times that is not the case. They may end up paying large amounts of money for energy usage because of hidden fees. These could be on top of the actual bill or hidden fees for things like overage, water usage, and/or electricity usage. The two mentioned above are the most common types of energy practices and they can cost a lot of money.


There are many companies in the marketplace today

that have no business providing these services. Some of these companies have only been in business for a few months, while others have been around for over twenty years. Consumers need to research the billing practices of the company before hiring them to provide energy or other services.


For example, many people are under the impression

that if an energy auditor inspects a house, they will find out all about the habits of the homeowner and then charge them for fixing those habits. In actuality, an energy audit simply reveals many issues with inefficient practices and outdated wiring that can cause a home to use more energy than it should. An energy audit is also good for catching problems before they become costly problems. Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that if they hire a professional energy auditor, all of the hidden practices will be uncovered. That is simply not the case.


Companies that offer energy management services

often have hidden fees. Some of these hidden fees may include but are not limited to, site visits and assessments. Sometimes these hidden fees are listed on the same bill as the initial “system assessment” fee. It is for this reason that consumers should carefully research each of the companies they are considering for service before signing a contract.


It is also good to check with the Better Business Bureau

before selecting an energy audit company. The BBA is an organization that monitors consumer complaints against various companies. They have a website where anyone who has received a complaint can go to see if the company involved is under any type of investigation. Many reputable energy auditing companies are members of the BBB. Before selecting any particular company, consumers should look into the background of the organization, to make sure they are a member of the BBB’s business bureau, and that they provide a high level of service.

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