The Colors, Lines, and Emblems of American Flags

American Flags have more uses than you realize

From their historic significance to being a necessary component of our daily life, American Flags are a big part of Americana. Many people like to buy American Flags for display purposes. There are many great reasons to hang American Flags and some of them will be discussed below. When buying American Flags, be sure to consider the unique history of each flag and how it is used to show pride in your nation and country.

A: Everybody has special priorities. There are custom flags out there that are created with the specific request of each family unit. For example, the family unit that owns the property where the White House is located may want to have a white flag that represents that ownership. Or the military unit that is stationed at Fort Drum may want a flag that represents the United States Army. All these special flag requests come with an invoice so you should ask your supplier if they can provide you with custom flags for your needs.

B: American flags do not always come in square flagpole form. Some of our nation’s early flags were pennanted (with a sail of some kind) and others did not have a flagpole at all. This can make choosing your flags a little more difficult. If you are not having a nautical flag your best bet would be flags with a prominent canton rather than a flat flagpole. Nautical flags are also usually easier to replace and fly higher than a flat flag. Nautical flags are typically made of heavier material than other types of American flags and also are designed for easier storage.

C: Nautical flags can come in three basic styles: swallowtail, wings, and golden furlong. All these flags have historical significance and serve various purposes. Whether you want a simple swallow tail or an intricate design like that of the American Flag with the golden furlong at the center, these historical American flags are a great way to go.

D: American flags can also be displayed with other types of emblems to add another level of uniqueness. There is no rule stating that only one emblem can be used on an American flag. This means that if you want to have an American flag with the American Eagle as its emblem you can do so. Just make sure that you never display two American flags side by side unless there is another symbol which makes each flag unique.

E: Most American flags today are designed to be displayed with standard flag poles that are known as half flag poles. However, if you have smaller flagpoles that do not meet standards of regulation you can use flags with smaller stars, smaller letters, or other creative graphics on them. These can make great decorative pieces and you should take care to note their measurements when considering them for usage on your home or business. When flying these flags outdoors they are usually meant to be between nine and ten feet tall and between ten and twelve feet wide.

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