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Save Money For Weddings – Ways to Save on Your Wedding by Planning Smartly

What is the going price for a wedding these days? Wedding’s, like any major event, can range wildly in price. The average engaged couple, no matter what their budget is usually looking at spending anywhere from $25,000 up into the high five-figure range. That’s a lot of dough to drop.

Saving Money

But don’t give up hope! Couples that want to save money can still plan high-quality weddings by shopping for their wedding supplies on the Internet. Many bridal shops have sample sales to allow customers to test out their products before purchasing them. This allows you, the savvy consumer, to see if the store delivers what it says it will.

Another way to save on your wedding is by booking your wedding venue at a place that is well known and popular. Most wedding venues get booked months in advance, which leads to higher prices. Try to book your venue at least six months ahead. You can also save if you plan to use a wedding planner. If you hire one, they will often provide a discount on the wedding venue. They can also offer suggestions on decorating and other big day aspects.


As far as saving money on weddings goes for the bridal party, be sure to plan early. Many wedding parties book their dresses well in advance, and they often need to have shoes, tuxedos, and other accessories in advance as well. If you find you can save by ordering the accessories at the same time as your dress, it is a good idea to order them all at once. Sometimes you can get a better deal if you order several items at the same time. By ordering your accessories early, you can save money and have everything you need in one trip.

The bride and groom can also save money by looking into a venue and catering discounts. When getting married, you usually need to pay for your own venue. However, when you are paying that all inclusive fee, you normally are getting very little if anything in return. Sure, you might save money on your honeymoon, but what about the hotel and food? While many people get married in Vegas, New York, or Florida, there are some states where you can get married for less.


One of the best ways to save money on your wedding is to make your ceremony and reception locations as flexible as possible. You can cut costs by selecting a location in a state other than the wedding party’s hometown. While this might sound silly, some people have gotten married in states that are completely unrelated to the bride or groom. In addition, if you can get your ceremony and reception in a hotel that is across the street from the wedding site, you can save money there as well.

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