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How to use a Printing Machine

Any machine utilized in printing text, image, or any other material from a printing press on the surface (printed substrate) that is attached to a drum or a cylinder, known as the printing drum, is known as the printing machine.

apply pressure on the drum

By applying pressure on the drum, the printing machine transfers the desired ink on the printing media resting on an ink platform made up of metal movable type attached to the drum. The printing media that can be used are usually paper, ink, and fabric, though other materials such as plastics, polyester fiber, and other synthetic fibers, may also be used. The basic function of the printing machine is to reproduce written texts, images, and text on a printed substrate by pressing the drum with appropriate pressure.

digital printing machines

Digital printing machines are more popular compared to traditional inkjet and thermal printers because they produce high-quality images that are usually much faster than printing from a printer head. These devices are mainly used for printing high-quality photographic and art prints. There are basically two types of digital printers namely digital inkjet printers and laser printers. Below is a list of common types of printers available in the market:

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are printers that use water-based liquid ink cartridges to produce smooth, even prints. They are popularly used for printing letterheads, envelopes, and labels. They can also produce colored photographs. Today there are different types of inkjet printing machines such as dye-sublimation, air-brush, and thermal ones. The latest printing machines are laser printers that use light-emitting diodes or LED technology.

heat press machines

Heat press machines are t-shirt printers that use heated rollers or presses to apply the t-shirt fabric onto an outer surface such as a plate or a box. They are sometimes coupled with a curable or non-permanent UV coating. Most modern heat press machines use electronic control to adjust heat settings. In order to print long or wide t-shirts, a multi-print setting is preferable.

stencils and die cuts

They are devices that print the outlines of objects on different substrates. For instance, if you want to print a circle on a piece of paper, the stencils and die cuts will be responsible for this task. These devices have various mechanisms for applying different textures and surface finishes to the image or design. They are mostly controlled by a computer or a combination of a keyboard and a mouse. To print a logo or a text, a computer using a graphic design program interface can control the text and the color of the logo.


This type of printing process involves laying down a heavy sheet of paper, textile, or other material onto a specialized plate, which is attached to a machine that rolls the sheet around the rollers and then presses it into a desired shape or pattern. The thickness, the width, and the length of the piece depending on the requirements of the customer. The most common method of transfer is the hot-press technique, which involves laying down the textile onto a hot plate and then pressing it down into the desired shape. Some popular transfer techniques are flexography, gravure, screen printing, roll forming, and press roll forming.

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