How To Compare Energy Suppliers When Considering A Dual Fuel Energy Plan

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A dual energy package is a great idea if you are planning to be independent from your current supplier. It allows you to switch between different suppliers and receive a new billing structure at the end of the contract period. But, if you are looking at a big business, then you may have some reservations about Dual Energy Plans (or any other ‘big’ plan for that matter). So what are the disadvantages of a dual energy package? And do they outweigh the benefits?

As far as the advantages go, the main advantage of a dual energy system is that your electricity and gas supply can be supplied by two different companies. A mono energy plan only allows one company to provide you with gas and electricity, which obviously isn’t ideal. In addition to this, it is also good for you. There’s good evidence suggesting that these types of tariffs can actually be more convenient and cost effective.

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One of the biggest disadvantages of a dual-energy plan is that the electricity you use can fluctuate. This is because you are using two sources of energy. For example, during the day, you could be drawing on a gas meter whilst at night, you might be using a solar power meter. When you add up the amounts of energy used, you will probably find that your gas and electricity usage matches up quite neatly. However, if the sun happens to be shining slightly stronger than normal or there is a lot of wind blowing, then you won’t be able to use all of your gas. The other source of energy will be affected.

This problem is one of the reason that many people prefer to pay the same monthly bill both from their gas and electricity suppliers. In theory, this would mean that they would only have one bill to pay, rather than two. Unfortunately, many people don’t take this much consideration, and when the bill comes, they find that they are receiving two bills: their gas and electricity provider’s bill, plus one from the solar energy provider.

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So how can you compare energy suppliers effectively when choosing between them? The easiest way to do this is to use a specialist energy comparison website. These sites work by bringing together the gas and electricity providers based on their prices. They then work out which company offers the cheapest deal, taking into account factors such as any deals on offer for the times when there is little or no sunlight, as well as the ease of switching to the new company.

The best way to get an instant 5% reduction in your gas and electricity bills is to use a free online home energy comparison app. You can input some basic information about your property, such as how much electricity and gas is used each month. Your energy supplier will send you a quote, and within seconds, you will see which company offers the best price. This is because the app works out how much you could save if you switched to their company, and compares prices of a number of different energy suppliers.

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