Smoking Cigarettes

Hookah – Smoking Habit Among Kids

Smoking cigarettes regularly will eventually cause cancer of the lungs, lips, tongue, heart, and bones. Inhaling secondhand smoke will also cause chronic coughing and wheezing. All these diseases and more will eventually make you very ill and unhealthy. Even if you do not get lung cancer and other cancers due to smoking cigarettes, you are exposing yourself to all the risks. Cigarettes are full of chemicals that are very harmful to your health. Here are some of them.


The chemicals and toxins

found in secondhand smoke contain more than thousands of chemicals that are known to cause different diseases. Most of the time, tobacco companies claim that secondhand smoke contains a lesser amount of tar and carbon monoxide that will still cause health problems. However, studies have shown that children who smoke are more likely to get asthma and suffer from allergies. Kids who smoke have also been proven to have shorter life spans. So if you want to minimize the risks of having illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular diseases, you should stop smoking cigarettes.


In addition to the health risks

that smoking cigarettes bring, there is also a strong possibility that your child gets into accidents while smoking. Many accidents have happened at schools, on the road, and anywhere else because of teenagers smoking cigarettes. They think that it is safe since they inhale the cigarette smoke. As a parent, you must be very strict with your child especially when they are smoking cigarettes. You must never allow them to smoke even just once or twice.



in the United States are believed to be the biggest consumers of smoking because they are influenced by their peer group and they see others smoking. If a friend is smoking, they may try to join too. This habit may be taken up as well because there are no rules when it comes to smoking inside the house. Your child may smoke because they want to show off by lighting the cigarette in front of their friends. It is normal for them because it gives them the feeling of power and they feel more confident about themselves.



also love to watch television so it is not a surprise why they also tend to smoke cigarettes. Children are always attracted to beautiful things, so it is not surprising to see them starting to smoke. You can take away their desire to smoke by removing all the objects they can view or the television. If they do not have the opportunity to watch the television, you can make them visit the park, so that they can play outdoors without seeing anyone smoking.


The second reason

why the hookah-smoking trend has reached kids is that it is cheap. You do not need a hookah pipe to start smoking because there are hookah accessories available. Some hookahs look like a cigarette and even smell like one. But then if you do not want your children to smoke, you should stop them from using these accessories because they will only cause them harm. There is nothing worse than young kids starting to use hookahs because of price. If you want to effectively teach your children not to smoke, you should try to get them hooked on other products that promote good health.


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