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Fathers’ Rights and Visitation Schedules

Father’s rights can be very complicated. Often times a father is accused of many things including spousal abuse, paternity fraud, or even neglect, even though these are all not true. There are also many fathers that do not receive child support, or even be informed of the rights they have as a father. In all cases it is important for fathers to seek legal counsel so they can obtain the fair results they deserve.


Attorneys who specialize in family law work exclusively with fathers. Having an attorney who is a specialist in father’s rights and who will fight for you is absolutely necessary to protect that special bond that still exists between a father and his kids. If you find yourself in this situation don’t feel alone. Contact an attorney right away to get custody of your child or children.

Many men assume they don’t have rights regarding their children because they are not married. Unfortunately, this is not true. Even if a man isn’t married, he has rights regarding his child. If the mother wants to spend time with her child or takes the child to an overnight summer camp, the father has the right to know. He can even be forced to attend mediation if he disagrees with the mother’s plans.


The best way for a father to receive any visitation or physical custody from either parent is to file the proper paperwork. Once the paperwork is filed, either parent can take it to court and obtain a temporary order. This court order gives both parents the right to claim full legal rights and responsibilities.

Having an attorney by your side is absolutely necessary if you wish to gain full custody of your child. An attorney will help you prepare for the court proceedings, obtain necessary support in the form of child support, and represent you in court. If you don’t have an attorney, you can represent yourself, but you must do it very carefully and slowly. If you don’t have a good attorney, your child may end up being taken away from you because you didn’t hire the right person.


Father’s rights are something that every father should fight for. If you have a child who lives with you both, you should always make sure your rights are protected. Even if you aren’t the biological father, you have rights as the child’s mother. Don’t let your child’s life be taken away from you because you weren’t aware of your rights.

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