Eye Shadow And Makeup Tips

know what tools and products you have available to apply the eye shadow correctly

One of the most popular makeup trends in celebrities and makeup artists alike is the use of eye shadow. It can give you that smoky eye look, or simply give you the pop of color you need to accent your eyes. Yet there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing eye shadow for the perfect look. While the cosmetic itself does make up the foundation of the eye shadow, you’ll need to know what tools and products you have available to apply the shadow correctly. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

The first thing to consider is how to use the shadow. In general, you want to create a thin line of the shadow at the outer edge of your eye, and a thick line at the inner edge of your eye. The truth is, many factors come into play when applying eye shadow on your eyes. The colors you use may vary as well.

rolled onto a powdered container or rolled onto a brush

You may want to use either a loose brush or a powder shadow brush. A loose brush is a large brush that is usually made of animal hair such as hair from a chicken or pig. If you have large, wavy eye makeup, this works best. Powder shadow, on the other hand, is pressed or rolled onto a powdered container or rolled onto a brush. Because it is powdered, you don’t have to worry about too much application, and it is usually easier to blend into the skin than loose powder shadow.

Next, think about which eye shadow you prefer to use. If you are a makeup artist, you know which colors look best with your natural skin tone. Beginners and those with oily or normal skin may want to stick with pencils, eyeliners, or liquid shadows. These are the best tools for applying eye shadow, because they are smaller brushes. However, if you have large eyes, you will need to use an eye shadow brush.

Finish with some highlighter and lip liner

When applying eye shadow, you must first line the outside of your eye lid, between your two creases. You can also add in a third line inside the outer corner. This third line acts as an accent, drawing attention away from your eyeliner. For best results, apply the shadow to the lid, then blend outward. If you find that some areas are dark, you can apply eye shadow on your finger to even things out.

Once you have applied your eye shadow, it is time to apply your makeup cream. To complete the look, you will want to fill in your brows with a blush brush. Apply your eye makeup to all areas, including your eyeliner, your eyelashes, and outside of your eye. Then sweep some of your lighter color blush over your face to create a soft finishing touch. Finish with some highlighter and lip liner. You should be finished looking incredible!

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