Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

The Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Most people with a dry eye find that daily disposable contact lenses to be the most comfortable. Poor cleaning of disposable lenses contributes to the build-up of protein, fat, lipids, and many other materials. The build-up of waste products on the interior of the eye causes dryness, which can also be uncomfortable. Daily disposable lenses aren’t even discarded after just one day of use, eliminating this problem.


Proper lens design allows for optimal comfort

and a wide range of comfort. One of the best contact lenses available in the Oasys Hydrogel Material. The Hydrogel Material is made of a special blend of silicone and protein hydrogel. The protein is broken down by the natural oil in the eye. This allows for the easy removal of waste and the construction of a thin, non-broken exterior shell which also eliminates the build-up of waste products. This lens design is the most comfortable of all contact lenses available today.


It’s no secret that our bodies need oxygen to live

But did you know that older adults who experience the most amount of stress have lower levels of oxygen in their eyes? And these individuals also have the highest instances of dry eye? That’s because their eye muscles are not as flexible as they should be and do not allow for the easy removal of waste and debris from the eye. This is where the Oasys Hydrogel Contact Lenses came in handy.


Our bodies produce fewer tears during the day

especially when doing simple tasks. This lack of tears is perfectly normal but what causes some people issues is when the tears are not able to escape the tear film area. As a result, dryness occurs. The Oasys contact lenses work to prevent dryness by creating a thinner tear film for more moisture to escape. Because the eye is not receiving enough moisture to properly function, there is less moisture in the eye and that creates more dryness problems.


All the benefits of the new Oasys Contact Lenses

can take away some of the drawbacks of dry eyes. The company has made it easier to find replacement contacts by offering a lifetime warranty on all replacement contacts. They also offer an insurance protection plan for up to one year. With this kind of service plan, if your contact lenses develop a fault, you won’t be out much money. The best part is that you can get a free pair of contacts from the company’s contacts program. And the company will also send you the correct size of replacement lenses free of charge.


The higher the moisture in the lenses

the less likely they will tend to rub off the surface of the eye. When there is a lack of water content, the surface can develop small capillaries beneath the lens. These capillaries allow more moisture to escape causing dry eye symptoms. With the new technology provided by the Oasys contact lenses, you can get rid of dry eye while maintaining the benefits of contact lenses.

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