Architectural Home Options – Patio Covers

Anyone who spends time outside in their patio

How quickly the weather can turn foul? With an increase in the number of people in the city and rural areas more people are installing decks and patios in their backyards. The initial attraction of patio decks and patios is the extra living space that they provide, but there is a growing need to extend and manage the usability of these outdoor spaces. If your patio has been installed for family enjoyment and you now find yourself thinking of ways to make it more comfortable, consider one of the many patio accessories on the market. From umbrellas to patio furniture there is no shortage of items that can make your deck or patio experience more pleasant.

Types of Patio Covers The first type of patio accessory that we will discuss is the awning. Umbrellas and other awning structures have a single, solid, frame that is bolted to the surface below it. The frame can be made of wood, vinyl, or metal; however, for a more authentic look it is best to use metal. Aluminum and vinyl frames can be expensive to install and often require welding. If you are on a tight budget you may want to consider a plastic or concrete foundation to act as a base for the structure of the patio awning.

Another popular type of patio accessory is the retractable patio awning

These structures are often used by homeowners with decks and patios where they would like to relax outside during the day but stay inside at night. Retractable awnings are simple to install with just a simple fabric cover being used to either restrict the rays of the sun and to keep the shade structure itself warm or cool.

Solar Garden Awnings Just as the name indicates, these are simply solar garden awnings that can be hung in the garden and provide protection from the sun during the day. These can be easily moved as well as having the ability to be tilted up or down depending on how your garden or outdoor structure is situated. As with the retractable patio cover, these products can be expensive to purchase and install. In addition, most require professional installation. If you are going to invest in such an outdoor structure, you may want to think about purchasing a kit.

Covered Walkways is another great way to improve your patio

Most people enjoy walking on a paved patio or grass surface because the pathways are safe and allow for a free flow of air when the ground is wet. However, when these surfaces are covered you become more exposed to the rain, snow, and wind, which can be detrimental to your walkways. If you have a covered walkway made of metal or concrete then it can be quite expensive to have it installed.

If you do not have the money for having your patio or deck covered, there are other options available such as cedar pergola roof panels. Cedar pergola roof panels are a cost effective solution if you don’t want to invest in the more expensive patio covers. Not only are they a practical way to protect your investment, but they look nice as well. The cost of building one of these structures is low enough that most homeowners could afford them. In fact, most architects would recommend purchasing or using cedar pergola roof panels rather than covering your patio completely.

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