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A Complete List of Country Music Stars

Country music has long been one of the most popular genres in the world. Country music has been around for ages, but over the past several years, the popularity of country music has been on the rise. Country music is the number one music genre in the United States and is played by millions of people each week. As a result, country music is constantly being reinvented, rerecorded, covered, and spun off into other genres such as pop and rock.

Country Music

Since the popularity of country music has been on the rise, many new country music stars have emerged. A number of country music stars are currently enjoying a lengthy, successful career right now. Some of these country music stars include: Trace Ayala, Taylor Swift, Kelley Cladine, Amy Grant, Merle Travis, Amy Lee, Mandy Moore, ique Love, Laliyah, andcci Rose. These country music stars have consistently made the grade and have continually proven their ability to sell millions of records each and every year.

With over three hundred million downloads to date, country music is one of the most popular music genres in the world. Most country music stars have their own country music albums, which have gone gold on several occasions. Country music has a special place in many people’s hearts, which is why country music songs continue to be some of the most popular hits throughout the entire world. In fact, country music has some of the most recognizable tunes in the world. This is in part due to the great tracks and songs, such as: “I’ll Be Around,” “Rising Sun,” “Sixteen Tons,” and “Whitehouse Blues.”


Many country music stars began their careers while still in high school. One of the most notable is Merle Travis, who went on to sign with Cash Money Records and eventually became one of the biggest country music stars of all time. Merle’s first hit “Blue Hawaii” reached number one on the country music charts. Other country music artists with notable careers include Amy Grant, handcuff Linx, Nancy Sinatra, Dallas Smith, Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley, Kidney Horses, Waylon Pace, along with many others.

A lot of country music stars decided to end their country music careers, but there have been some country music singers who have stayed around for decades, including: Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Lefty Myers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Travis, Johnny Cash, Eddie Cochran, Otis Rush, Johnny Jenkins, and Kris Wobler. Among these singers, Merle Travis has been given the greatest amount of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, while Johnny Cash is only a few notches away from that record. Otis Rush is perhaps best known for his cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” Many country music singers have become successful in pop, rock, or country music. Example are: Merle Travis, Buddy Holly, Lefty Myers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Travis, Nancy Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Kidney Horses, Lefty Myers, along with many others. Country music has been a part of American culture for over 20 years now, so there really is no end in sight.


Country music has influenced just about every other genre of music that has come and gone since its inception. Many top artists, including Stevie Wonder, Lefty Myers, Merle Travis, Elvis Presley, have at one time or another, sung country songs. Country music has become the music of choice for many Americans, which can be seen in the lyrics and songs of country music stars likeuddy Lowe, Merle Travis, Lefty Myers, Buddy Holly, Lefty Myers, Merle Travis, Nancy Sinatra, Elvis Presley, as well as countless others. The fact of the matter is that country music has made its way into the very soul of America. So, as you can see, whether you are a country fan or not, country music definitely has something to offer you.

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