How consumer can benefit natural gas

How Using Natural Gas Can Benefit Consumers

If you are considering investing in a fuel source for your vehicle, you might be considering natural gas. You might also be curious about the differences between natural gas and other fossil fuels. Both of these questions are excellent points, and they should not be ignored. First, you need to be familiar with how it works before you can answer those questions. There are four main sources for natural gas in the United States, including the drilling for and extracting of oil, the production and transportation of fuel, and the conversion of natural gas to another form. Explore the following text to learn more about the different types of fuels as well as the processes involved in each type of fuel source.


Ethanol, methanol, methane

and propane is the principal type of natural gas; they are carbon-based, which makes them very similar to fossil fuels. Methylene tetrahydrate, or methane gas, is perhaps the easiest type of fuel to burn; it is a by-product of the coal mining industry, which is also the most carbon-intensive energy practice. One-third of all U.S. electricity is produced by electric power plants using natural gas and other coal-burning technologies.


Natural gas is one of the cleanest fuels on Earth

providing researchers around the world with hope for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving the earth’s environment for future generations. By contrast, fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas are much more toxic, which means they produce large amounts of carbon emissions that are leading to climate change and other environmental problems. While natural gas burns cleaner than fossil fuels, it still contributes to climate change and environmental pollution. It is, however, cleaner than fossil fuel combustion, so this is a point in favor of natural gas.


There are several places where natural gas deposits have been found

One such place is in the United States, where there has been a major natural gas deposit discovered in the shale layer of the Rocky Mountains. The natural gas deposits in this area are believed to be ten times higher than those in the past. The discovery of these deposits has resulted in the opening up of a previously inaccessible area which, when properly utilized, will allow natural gas companies the opportunity to profit from this resource. The natural gas deposit, called the Marcellus formation, holds millions of cubic meters of natural gas that is waiting to be used by power plants and homeowners around the country.


Although the Marcellus formation

is believed to hold enough natural gas to power the United States for at least another century, environmentalists are not happy about the lack of focus that the gas company is placing on developing other sources of energy. Because of the limited amount of natural gas that the company is producing, it is not expected that the production of natural gas will reach the level needed to replace the amount of carbon dioxide being burned by vehicles. Carbon dioxide is believed to be the main cause of global warming, so any way to produce alternative fuel sources will need to be examined.


There are many benefits to using natural gas

to supplement the use of fossil fuels. Although the cost of natural gas is a little higher than other options, it is believed that the long-term benefit to the consumer will be much better than the short-term gain. Another advantage of the use of natural gas is that it will help to reduce the dependence on imported oil. Currently, the United States produces about twenty percent of its electricity through burning coal. By using alternative fuel sources such as natural gas, the United States can greatly reduce its dependence on imported oil.

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